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Web Design Magic: 4 Things to Make your Website Wow!

Hey there, Imagine your website is like a magical castle on the internet. You want it to be not just good looking but also easy for people to explore. That is what web design is all about. Its about making your website awesome and easy to use. Now, shall we get into what ingredients you need to help you achieve this? Ready? Lets Go!

Colours and Pictures/images

Colours and Pictures or images are a must have on your website. But why do you need it?. Think of colours as the paints you use to make your castle a.k.a ( website) look cool. Pictures or images are like the windows that let people peek inside your castle.

Choosing the best colour and pictures or images for your website is super important to make it look really amazing.

Easy Peasy Navigation

Imagine your castle (website), having many door passages. That is how we organize your website so your customers can find their way around your website. You need to make it clear to your visitors where to find what and which door leads to where.

There should be no form of directionless on your website so your customers or visitors don’t get lost. Make sure everything is easy to find and they will appreciate you alot.

Mobile-Friendly a.k.a Responsiveness.

Many people use their mobile phones and tablets to visit websites these days. In the case, in building your website, you need to make sure they look awesome on these mobile and tablet devices.

This makes it extremely easy for your visitors to access your website no matter the device they are using or are willing to use.


Shhh! This is a big one! Now stay with me for a sec. SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. What does that even mean? Now think of it as this; SEO is like a secret language that helps your website talk to the search engines, eg. Google about what you’ve got going on on your website.

Eg. Assuming you sell Apples on your website, SEO means, you need to secretly tell the Search Engines that you sell apples so that, if someone( Your potential visitors ) asks the Search Engine ( Google ) Who has Apples to sell? The Search engine will now tell your potential visitor that you said you sell Apples so they should visit your website to check them out. Right? That’s SEO. Learn How to do Proper SEO for your Website

Remember, making your website cool and easy to use is like doing magic. We believe you have learnt a thing or two how to wow your customers with your website. If you enjoyed this content, share this to others too.

If you want us to assist you with all of these, Contact us here.

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